Your New Marketing Year Starts Today!

Well, it does in Japan – as 1 April marks the start of new company hires, the new school year and a bunch of marketing campaigns (from TV dramas to beers to electronic goods.)

It’s also Cherry Blossom time here in Tokyo and, weather permitting, there’ll be lots of ‘Hanami’ (flower watching) parties over the coming week.

Sakura in Tokyo, Japan

In some respects Japan is lucky to have so many local and national customs to celebrate. It’s definitely a marketer’s dream because campaigns and promotions are often tied in to these events.

Indeed, I’ve been well conditioned to look out for the new Spring beer promotions – and now consider it my duty to sample some.
Purely, for marketing research, you understand!

Roll on another 5 weeks and we’ll be into “Boys Festival”, Golden Week and Green Day. Plenty of marketing hooks for products and services there too.

There are always opportunities to target your online marketing muscle to local, national and international events with:

  • Keyword targeted articles.
  • A series of ‘on-theme’ blog posts.
  • A timely press release (but be quick. News is old quickly!)
  • A short online video featuring the event in some way.

And that’s just for starters.

Obviously, performing these tasks consistently takes both planning and good writing resources. Organized business owners will therefore have mapped out ideas (and hopefully a budget too!) many months in advance.

If you’re interested in scoping out your new online Marketing year (starting today!), then get in touch. Not only do I specialize in the ghostwriting and copywriting elements of client projects, I’ve also been known to help some of them create their plans in the first place. (And then coach them on execution and follow through.)

– Mark McClure

PS – The Sakura photo (stored on my Samuraiwriter Flickr account) was taken in my local park while out walking Kuri at the weekend.  The best blooms are still to come as it’s been wet and cool since then.

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