Jason Ball Launches Business in Japan Web Portal

2017-business-in-japan-web-portalIt’s good to see my friend Jason Ball, an Aussie living and working in Japan for over 10 years, has just launched his ‘Business in Japan’ web portal. (The site is at

It’s worth checking out if you have any interest in doing business in Japan or with Japanese companies.

You might also be aware that there is a LinkedIn group of the same name. In fact, Jason is also the main admin person for that group and I know he is quite proud that over 50,000 members are registered on the LinkedIn group, with around 35% of them based in Japan. It’s a big group with a lot of experience and expertise on life and work in Japan.

The idea of the new web portal is interesting because it will allow Jason to grow and manage an online community while avoiding some of the restrictions and issues that LinkedIn imposes. And I think it will be fascinating to see how Japan business experts can share information and connect with other members via this portal – in effect, participating in the ‘collaborative business world’ that Jason is renowned for.

I took a brief look at the portal’s blog page and there are already about a dozen posts from different specialists. One that caught my attention deals with social media in Japan/. Published at the end of December 2016 by PR Consultant, Donny Kimball, it summarized his business to consumer experiences using six well known social media services.
Most of the other content I haven’t read yet but I will and, where appropriate, I hope to comment and participate on the site in some constructive manner.

Okay that’s it for this post, my first in the year of the rooster (2017). As ever, if your business has any b2b technology content marketing needs that might benefit from a freelance commercial writer like myself, please get in touch via my contact page. I’d be delighted to see if I can be of assistance.

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A Book about Self-Coached IT Career Change

self-coached-tech-career-change-bookI am pleased to announce the publication of my new book:
Just Five Rules – Self-Coached IT Career Change.

It’s available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle, the iBooks store and on Kobo.
Visit for details.

I am also working on a paperback version to be released through Createspace.
(October 2016 update: the paperback version is now available.)

This project lingered on my ‘to do’ list for over four years because other things took priority, including b2b commercial writing gigs!

In a way, ‘Just Five Rules’ is a record of what I learned from spending twenty years in various IT roles and going through two career changes. The self-coaching aspect is a skill I regard as essential for surviving and thriving in a world where IT career longevity is now measured in years, rather than decades.

Globalization, offshoring, onshoring, outsourcing. These buzzwords speak volumes about how the digital communications revolution and the rise of the internet have affected many career paths. Robotics and artificial intelligence are also beginning to make their presence felt.

Of course, there are opportunities too amongst the creative destructive of disruptive technologies. This blog, and the freelance service business it represents, is one small example.

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