“Who Thinks Their IT Company’s Website Is The Best?”

An interesting discussion question was posted recently on the LinkedIn IT Marketing group – “a group for marketing professionals working in the IT and Technology industries”.


The question read:

“So who thinks their IT company’s website is the best? Post your URL within this discussion to gain a fresh new look from your peers.

Be prepared for compliments and constructive critique!

This is a closed group so you have to be a member to read the comments. However, having posted five replies covering 19 listed IT websites, I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far:

1) Your online visitors don’t care (much) about what you do, awards you’ve won or the bells and whistles on your products and services. Their primary concern is what you can demonstrably do for them.

2) Boring, dull headlines put readers to sleep; zzzzzzzzzzzzz (think about an overdose of ‘features’ and ‘jargon’ words).

3) Fancy, flash-coded images look good but do little else to add value to your page. Try split testing with and without these images to see if your visitors agree.

4) Give your visitors multiple reasons to stay on your site and also to keep coming back for more e.g. downloadable white papers, case studies, data sheets and webinars. Include an email sign up box on most every page and use double optin to make sure these people have really chosen to be on your list.

5) Make it very easy and obvious to contact or follow you from any page on the site.

6) Don’t advertise blogs which are rarely updated or appear to have been put in hibernation!

And finally, remember to split test whatever you might decide to change (and to test only one thing at a time.)

– Mark ‘Freelance Commercial Writer‘ McClure

PS – If yours is one of the websites I featured on that LinkedIn thread, and you have a commercial writing project coming up, then contact me to see how I may be of service. If we’re a match, then you’ll get a great deal on value and pricing…

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