“What is an Ethernet Fabric?” Educational Marketing on Video

Stephen Foskett, self-styled ‘Pack Rat‘, is an interesting example of a niche marketing consultant putting social media and video to work.

I’m following him on twitter, @sfoskett, and learned there of his recent video session on, “What is an Ethernet Fabric?

Intrigued by the title, I started to watch and discovered how powerful the use of video can be to help build trust and authority in a target market. In Stephen’s case this is the ‘storage space.’

Even if you don’t have time to view all 51 minutes, just the first ten alone will give you the gist of effective ‘educational marketing’ in the b2b tech world.

What is an Ethernet Fabric? from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

If you check out Stephen’s site and see how he’s positioning himself as an independent and trusted storage marketing consultant ( my words), then the videos clearly add to that message.

But notice also the contribution from Brocade’s marketing manager, the aptly named Mr. Chip Copper. He illustrates his broad networking experience through a series of ‘war stories’ that help set ethernet in context, while discreetly highlighting Brocade’s offerings in the SAN space.

For any product marketing managers watching this, what did you think of Chip’s performance in the video?
Is he adding value to the topic under discussion?

I happen to think he is, and will add his content marketing contributions to my ‘Storage’ watch list.

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