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What IT Pre-Sales Engineers Really Think About b2b Content Marketing.

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Video 6: Edited Transcript

This question’s about white papers.

Many people have heard about different types of white papers, depending on where you are in the lead generation process.

There are thought leadership papers that help develop awareness of what you offer in the market, and the type of problems that can be solved.

And there are educational marketing pieces that can cover very high level stuff down to technical overviews of what’s going on, comparative solutions etc.

And then there are technical leadership white papers that really focus on the vendor itself, and their solution. And (these) are almost sales pieces, they aren’t hiding anything. They’re telling readers that these are our solutions and here’s how we do it.

Matthew, do you want to talk a little about how you see white papers working or not working in your environment.

White Papers: “I Want To Read Papers On How A Solution Works”

Sure. Just as an engineer, regardless of whether I work for a VAR or an end customer, I’ll consume white papers as fast as you can write ’em. But, I look at white papers really in two main categories.

1- There are white papers directed toward decision makers.
2- There are white papers directed toward engineers and more technical people. And I prefer the latter.

I want to read papers on how a solution works.

I want to know exactly what happens when that data stream hits the wire, hits your box, and what’s going on. As much as you’ll give away. Obviously, there’s intellectual property and secret sauce that vendors aren’t going to, and probably shouldn’t, give away – if they want to stay in business.

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