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What IT Pre-Sales Engineers Really Think About b2b Content Marketing.

Video 1 of 18: Introduction to B2B Content Marketing and IT Value Added Resellers (VARs)

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Video 1: Edited Transcript

Hello everyone, I’m Mark McClure and welcome to today’s discussion:
“What IT pre-sales engineers really think about b2b content marketing”

I’m Mark McClure;
and I’m Matthew Norwood.

Many b2b marketers like to talk about content marketing but what does this term mean to IT salespeople?

And how does it help them win more business?

To discuss this topic I’m joined today by Matthew Norwood, a pre-sales IT engineer for a computer networking VAR based in Nashville, Tennessee.

What inspired this call was a post on Matthew’s blog, insearchoftech-dot-com, titled “The Burden of Pre-Sales”, published on the 15th of August, 2012.

The premise was that pre-sales is a tougher role than post sales (the support and operations side of post sales) because selling solutions to customers requires in-depth product knowledge across multiple vendors.

Matthew used ‘Riverbed’ (Inc) at as an example.

Does b2b Content Marketing Help or Hinder Sales Growth?

However, this call is not about who has the tougher role – we’ll save that for another day – instead it focuses on how b2b content, can help or hinder sales growth.

For your convenience, the call is structured as follows.

Section 1 will be the introductions.

Section 2 is about b2b content marketing.

Section 3 is the pre-sales IT VAR (value-added reseller) experience.

Section 4 is social media and b2b IT content marketing.

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