Update: How To Get The Best From a Freelance B2B Case Study Writer

An earlier post, “Need Input from IT Marketers Who’ve Hired Freelance Customer Success Story Writers ASAP“, introduced a project that fellow success story writer, Pamela DeLoatch (b2bstorytelling.com), were working on.

The idea was to create a series of video interviews for b2b marketers interested in how to get the best from a freelance B2B case study writer.

Today’s post is an update on that project.

Pamela and I got a list of questions together from responses kindly submitted by members of LinkedIn discussion groups, created a general interview script, and then took turns asking and answering the questions.

The videos were recorded on Skype using a $20 software tool from ecamm.com known as ‘Call Recorder‘.
Their product’s tag line is:

Transform your Skype audio and video calls into QuickTime movies. Completely automatic, easy to use Skype audio and video call recording for Mac user

And that’s exactly what it did!

Here’s a screenshot of  video 2 (of 6) that’s in my new ‘samuraiwriter99‘ YouTube channel.



The interview went just over the hour and covered the following topics:
(This is a screenshot from the case study videos landing page on my site.)
For a first attempt, and using nothing more than a laptop’s internal camera and a USB headset, I’m reasonably happy with the outcome; although some of my unintended ‘grimaces’ are painful to behold. And that wall-mounted wooden coat hanger apparently protruding from my right temple is difficult to forget…

Having added a ‘freelance-b2b-case-study-writer-video-series‘ landing page, the remaining steps are to:

  • Edit the video transcripts into a PDF-based report as a lead generation tool for our case study writing businesses.
  • Create some podcasts using the audio channels from the interview and distribute via iTunes, or similar.
  • Extract useful snippets from the transcripts and retweet them with a link to the landing page.
  • Create a press release for online distribution.
These are just some of the ways in which the content can be repurposed for different audiences and distribution channels.
If you watch a video and find it useful, please click YouTube’s ‘Like’ Button, and also forward it to those of your contacts who might benefit from seeing it.
– Mark ‘b2b case study videos‘ McClure
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