This Membership Has Its Privileges

Some readers may be old enough to remember a certain ‘financial services’ company whose marketing message to card holders was:

Membership has its privileges

Perhap it still does… though I haven’t checked recently.

However, I did come across a technology business where this theme remains relevant.

Aryaka is, in these words that appear on their website footer; “the world’s first cloud-based WAN optimization and application acceleration company solving application and network performance issues faced by the distributed enterprise.”

 Visit their website and you’ll see a company on a mission, and with a ton of content marketing munitions to draw upon e.g. case studies, white papers, performance briefs, webinars, data sheets, a blog, and analyst briefs.

I keep tabs on these fine folks via Twitter: @aryakanetworks but there’s also FaceBook, YouTube and an RSS feed to choose from.

This is supposed to be great news because, as many marketers keep saying (or is that, baying?), today’s prospects (tomorrow’s customers) want – no, they’re demanding – a choice in the how, when, where, why and what of content consumption.

The problem with that is it’s now easier than ever before to be spoiled for choice and yet starved for time.  I often miss tweets, skim blogs and abandon videos for all sorts of reasons, many of them interrupt-driven.

Email Marketing has it’s privileges…

However, one medium eventually does get my regular attention, and that’s email.
Messages can wait there until I get to them – hopefully with time to spare.

I signed up to Aryaka’s list from the ‘Stay Connected’ lightbox that appears on most pages but oddly, not on the home page.
Of course, my reasons for doing so are mainly to study how b2b marketers in the IT networking space are ‘getting things done.’ Aryaka are unlikely to sell me any kit just yet…

I’m very protective of my main business email addresses and so many offers and worthless newsletters get exiled to throwaway and infrequently-checked addresses. However, when I find a b2b IT newsletter that delivers interesting and useful content, uses a double-optin signup, and adopts a weekly delivery schedule (or thereabouts), I get on for the ride.

Five Reasons to Check Out This Newsletter

1- The email is personalized.
I detest corporate marketing emails that are annonymous, or worse, have a ‘no-reply’ string as part of the sending email.

Aryaka has their VP of Sales /Marketing & Business Development put her name in the sender’s field. Now I can put a ‘face’ to the name… well, not yet, but at least a real, award-winning person makes a better impact on me than ‘’.

(As a little test, I’ll reply to the email of August 16th, and see if it’s picked up…)

2- There’s an unsubscribe link on every email.
Nothing worse than having to ask to be removed… or they don’t respond, only partially unsubscribe you etc.
Aryaka has their button at the bottom of the email. Nice and simple.

3- Option to view the email as plain text or as a web page.
Some email clients and browsers don’t always display html email templates correctly. That’s why it’s polite to offer readers an alternative way of viewing your message. Arayaka offers a link to view the email as a web page.

4- Clear Contact Details on Each Email.
Aryaka have their snail mail and online contact details clearly visible at the bottom of the email, including social media links.

5- Make it worthwhile to stay subscribed.
This is where ‘membership has its privileges’ spoke to me in the form of a free pdf copy of : “Metzler’s 2012 Application & Service Delivery Handbook”.

This is a 152 page document by Dr. Jim Metzler, of the Webtorials Analyst Division – an independent report on issues of relevance to readers looking for guidance around ‘application and service delivery’. The only mentions of Aryaka are in the title page (as a part-sponsor), and a one page overview on the last page.

I can download this report with just one click from the email. Contrast that convenience to other sites where I have to first sign up (one well-known info tech publisher wants me to complete at least 12 mandatory field before I can gain access.)

Er, no thanks.

I’ll stick with Aryaka’s free email membership as long as it continues to deliver value and convenience.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! We hope that we were able to give you useful information. We really believe that our WAN Optimization-as-a-Service model is the next big thing to hit enterprise networking.

    We look forward to interacting more with you and sharing useful updates with our emails and other such channels.

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