Pulling Content Marketing Rabbits out of Social Media Hutches

OK, so the post’s title doesn’t exactly score a bulls-eye but since 2011’s indeed the ‘year of the rabbit’ in these parts, it somehow seems appropriate.

Joe Pulizzi, of junta42.com and content marketing institute fame, has just released a collection of social media and content marketing predictions for 2011 .

content-marketing-predictions-2011As Joe says in his post introducing the collection:

“Well over 150 predictions from more than 100 of the leading marketing thought leaders in the business.”

You can view and also download a free e-book containing all the predictions by clicking on the image in this post.

Alternatively, you can click on this url:
http://www.zmags.com/social-media-predictions-2011 (Dec 2016 update: broken link.)

(Note: I found the pdf button in the bottom right hand corner of the zmags screen interface.

Some predictions jumped out at me:

  • Ever shorter white papers (this is something that Jonathan Kantor has been highlighting for a while now.)
  • E-books for mobile Internet devices (I think this also applies to traditional marketing content such as case studies and, yes, white papers.)
  • Content marketing being freely distributed via social media.

It was a great honor to be included alongside many very experienced and skilled marketers. You can find my prediction on page 18. With hindsight (ha!) I should have written more.

– Mark ‘mystic marketer’ McClure

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