I’m Reading these B2B Blogs – July 2011

I’m replacing my b2b blog roll with a post that lists those I’m currently reading (and studying!) on a regular basis, though I do frequent many others from time to time.

1) Case Studies:

Casey Hibbard is one of the leading success story marketing writers and her blog is a goldmine of useful information about case studies and success stories.

2) White Papers:

Jonathan Kantor’s white paper pundit blog does exactly what it says on the label. I’ve attended some of his online white paper classes and he’s the real deal.

Mike Stelzner is one of the leading lights in writing white papers. Even though his focus seems to be on the hugely successful social media examiner site, there’s much to learn from browsing through this white paper blog’s archives.

3) B2B Technology Marketing:

John White’s focus is very squarely on the writing needs and wants of technology marketing managers. So he has my attention, as among his readers are people who often hire freelancers!

Selling to Big Companies is all about Jill Konrath’s observations on what marketers should know about how sales is winning (or losing) the business of large corporates. You can tell she means business from her tag line, ‘Chief Sales Officer’.

4) Email Marketing:

One of my specialties is email copywriting – especially autoresponder series for b2b tech markets. These bloggers are actively involved in email marketing and worth checking out.

Email marketing voodoo delves deep into the world of email marketing – their blog roll is a tour de force of email marketing and technical resources.

Janine Popick’s the CEO of email service provider to small business, Vertical Response. Her email marketing blog for small business is interesting because information is freely shared on the business of using email effectively.

5) Commercial Freelance Writing:

There are lots of books and websites for freelancers but Peter Bowerman’s site, The Well-Fed Writer, is the one I’m referring to most frequently. I ordered his book a few weeks ago.

– Mark ‘b2b white paper writer’ McClure

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