Goal! Nice Touch Cisco!

With the football / soccer jamboree now underway, here was a World Cup fun app from Cisco that caught my eye.

(I just updated this post on 25 June, 2011, since the links appear to be broken.)


It took a few minutes to get the image recognition software to accept Kuri (our American Cocker Spaniel) as a legitimate ‘player’. Naughty, I know, but she insisted on playing.

Maybe Cisco/ oddcast will delete it? (Update – it looks like they may have…)

I suggest they don’t – such is the power of social media to go viral for reasons mere marketing mortals often struggle to fathom.

Do you have any examples of similar apps out there now?

– Mark McClure

PS – Kaka, Messi, Kuri. Just rolls off the tongue, eh!

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