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How To Get The Best From a Freelance B2B Case Study Writer

Video 01: Introduction

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An edited transcript of the conversation is provided below.

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Video 01: Edited Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to a question and answer session on getting the best from a freelance b2b case study writer.

I’m Mark McClure.

And I’m Pamela DeLoatch.

Case studies can help your business in three specific ways.

1) They offer social proof to prospects that those solutions were beneficial to customers just like them.

2) They demonstrate that your company has a competent marketing department and values the sharing of customer reference knowledge.

3) They give your sales staff customer stories that they can use to build credibility with prospects who are facing similar scenarios.

Even though you know you need to incorporate case studies with your marketing mix, your marketing department might be swamped.

So, who’s going to write these?

Many companies without a large enough staff use freelance business writers who can come in, quickly grasp the message the company is trying to convey, and then write a persuasive case study.

The question is, how do you find a writer who can do that well?

In this call, Mark and I will discuss how to get the best from a freelance b2b case study writer.

For your convenience the call is structured as follows:

1) we’ll have introductions.

2) we’ll talk about case studies.

3) the writer’s experience.

4) the case study process.

5) after the writing is done.

Okay, so let’s start off with an introduction.
We tossed the coin and I (Mark) won this one!

Hello Pamela, and hello everyone.
My name is Mark McClure and I’m a freelance b2b case study and white paper writer.
My niche market is the global IT computer networking industry.

Why? Well, i spent twenty years in IT networking and thirteen of those were based in the Asia Pacific region.

I’m originally from Belfast, in Northern Ireland but I’ve been living and working in Tokyo, Japan since 1994.

Hello Mark, and everyone. My name is Pamela DeLoatch. I’m a freelance b2b writer. I’ve used my journalism and my MBA degree to help small and medium-sized businesses attract, educate and persuade their customers through a variety of content, including case studies, articles and blogs.

I live right outside of Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States.
And you can reach me at my website;

Great. Just for everybody watching or listening, I should add also that this is the first time that Pamela and I have seen each other ‘live’. We have communicated via e-mail and social media and we were students on Casey Hibbard’s case study mentoring course some time ago.

So that’s the connection.

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