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If you were an “IT professional” which of these two content sites would attract your attention and keep your interest?

1) Smarter Planet Leadership Stories

2) Cognos Business Intelligence and Performance Management Software

This is, of course, a loaded question because “IT professional” covers many roles and responsibilities.

From experience, I’d guess that many of the technical folks would find more to interest them at site 1), while those who spend a lot of their business day planning strategy and defending budgets would go for site 2).

The key message here is providing the right audience with the right content.

And now for Case Study Greativity1

Dipping into site 1), it was interesting to see how IBM are using customer stories to demonstrate how their customers’ ideas, leadership and vision are helping to run businesses and organizations in a variety of markets.

Of course, IBM’s involvement is mentioned, but only to the extent that it helped customers better execute on their leadership and initiative to solve real business problems.

Wonderful content – especially if you’re in one of these markets or industries and maybe grappling with similar issues.

There are also  some nice creative touches with the inclusion of an audio-visual content page, including slide show infographics.
Here’s the link to the Bangkok hospital content page.

In addition, for some of the stories IBM have posted the LinkedIn pages of customers featured in the video clips and case studies. This is the first time I’ve seen this done and would be interested to know how it improves followup engagement with prospects.

I’d like to think IBM chose to run with ‘greativity’ for this campaign, and it’s not just a typo on creativity1


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  1. Mark McClure says:

    Colette Connolly’s article, “How Storytelling Can Help Your Business“, was the inspiration for this post.

    Colette’s a B2B copywriter, customer success story writer and freelance writer/editor living in the New York City area.

    She was also a fellow student on Casey Hibbard’s case study mentoring program.
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