YouTube Video Interview Preview: IT Pre-Sales Engineers and B2B Content Marketing

There’s no time like the present!

Following on from my previous post about pre-sales IT Engineers and their content marketing dreams, earlier today (Sunday in Japan), I was privileged to interview Matthew Norwood via Skype. The call was supposed to last about one hour but we ended up with almost two hours of material. And It was nearly midnight Satuday in Nashville before all was done.

We covered a range of topics around the intentionally provocative theme of “What IT Pre-Sales Engineers Really Hate About B2B Content Marketing?

Here’s the 2 minutes opening video (click the captions button to see a timed transcript.)

And here’s Matthew’s 30 seconds elevator bio:

Once I’ve edited the remaining videos in iMovie, uploaded to YouTube and created an accurate transcript, I’ll add them as separate web content pages on this site.

Please feel free to like the videos on YouTube, add a comment and share them via Twitter and Google Plus.

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