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2011’s underway and I thought I’d start with a post about giving customers what they want.

Take a look at how my local Japanese supermarket went about serving their customers in the final days of 2010.


This is a slightly blurred (sorry!) photo of a double-sided, A3-sized ad that was delivered to our house.

The black headline in the middle refers to the “end of year” and clearly states (in red) the 9am opening time on 30 and 31 December.

Some scarcity and urgency is also introduced because only shoppers present between 9 and 1 will get triple points on their store loyalty cards.

Starting from the top left hand corner, and moving clockwise, all the traditional Japanese favorites are shown, along with their prices.

Sashimi, sushi, fried food (chicken), tempura prawn with ‘long life’ noodles (soba), a selection of beers and sakes and, in the bottom left hand corner, thinly cut slices of meat for ‘shabu-shabu’.

Interestingly, the fact that the meat was domestically produced is quite visible. There was some Aussie and American meat for sale but not a lot.

Taken together, this Ad’s a great example of making it real easy for the customer to know (and see) what they’re buying, how much it will cost, and what benefits there are to being first in the queue.

Attention! Marketing Managers in the Business of Helping to Sell Computer Networking Solutions…

1) What types of solutions do you need from freelance technology writers this year?

2) Are any of these technology copywriting services what you’re looking for?

3) How can a freelance writer make your job less stressful – beyond delivering quality writing within agreed deadlines?

I have my own views on what the answers to these three questions might be.

However, I’m very interested to hear my customers tell me what they really, really want.

You can use my contact form or email me: samuraiwriter <at>

‘Replace the <at> with the @ symbol, and remove spaces between the words, samuraiwriter and gmail.

I look forward to hearing from you.

– Mark McClure

PS – My case study special offer is now accepting just two customers for January’s limited slots. The monthly offer finishes once the mentoring course is completed in March 2011.

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