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Here’s a presentation worth checking out if you’re a technology marketing professional based in the Asia-Pacific region.

Andrea Edwards, the Managing Director of Singapore-registered digital communications agency, SAJE, has put together a strategy and a team to address many of the major content marketing needs of businesses in Asia.

(Disclosure: I’m hono(u)red to be a part of her team. Thanks to Twitter for bringing her business to my attention!)

Some slides I find particularly interesting are:

Slide 7: The traditional 7-part Sales cycle and how b2b marketers are scrambling to meet the prospect’s requirements and expectations.

Slides 11-12: What’s changed from the ‘good ole days’ of push marketing and how to position your business in an online era, where marketers are having to change from a reactive to a responsive (almost anticipative) mindset.

Slides 13-19: Introduces ‘The Writers Shop’ and explains what the team can deliver in terms of content and writing experience.

The remaining slides introduce team members, shows some brand name testimonials and describe what SAJE, the company, is about.

Partnerships can be a great way to leverage the abilities and experience of individuals for the mutual benefit of all concerned. That’s certainly my intention in getting involved with ‘The Writers Shop.

Of course, I will continue to also run my freelance writer business here at

If you have content marketing needs in the IT Networking space, please feel free to contact me.

– Mark McClure

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Author: Mark McClure - A freelance b2b case study and white paper writer to the computer networking industry. Based in Tokyo, Japan. About the 'Samurai Writer'.
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  1. Nice one Mark, thanks so much! I really believe that we are offering something incredibly unique here, with a team of superb talent to back it up, so appreciate you being part of the team and promoting it to your audience too. Cheers, Andrea

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