Write Your Own Email Autoresponder Copy?

I see my email copy ‘mentor’, Jay White, is surfing bigger waves with his Autoresponder Apprentice email copywriting program.


awai-email-testimonial.He’s teamed up with ‘American Writers And Artists’ (AWAI) to launch his program to their customers – minus the one-on-one email mentoring I received when I enrolled.

(As you can imagine, individual attention wouldn’t work with hundreds or even thousands of customers.)

No doubt other writers and copywriters will jump on a launch offer like this – especially as there looks to be a limited time discount – $100 off the retail $497 price.

Alas, AWAI’s affiliate program appears to be for US-based folks, otherwise I’d be promoting it here! (Memo to AWAI: And add Paypal payouts too. Paper checks are so Twentieth Century.)

That aside, I do recommend it for copywriters interested in how Jay writes his magic. Naturally, he’s worked hard for today’s success but some clues are there in his background as a catalog copywriter and as a writer of radio ad spots. (Tip to writers: Leverage your strengths and experience.)

And the secret autoresponder sauce?

Practice… practice… practice!

But what if you’re an online business owner interested in writing your own email copy?

Well, this program will definitely teach you a method for doing so. But the devil is in the details of creativity and in regular practice.

That’s probably where many owners will trip up… in not having time to craft their copywriting skills. However, if you’re committed to succeed, and on a tight budget, you can certainly write some good emails.

Of course, if you do have the budget and your time’s more profitably spent doing other tasks , there’s always plan ‘B’:

Hire a specialist email copywriter to do the job for you.

(If you think you meet the criteria described in the ‘Warning’ section of the link above, then please do get in touch.)

– Mark McClure

PS – The testimonial (in green at the top of this post) really is mine and is now on the AWAI sales page for Jay’s course. Get in quick before I cross the $500 per email rate too 😉

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