White Paper 201: Jonathan Kantor Announces Online Lead Generation Class

This is a promotional post for Jonathan Kantor’s online white paper 201 classes, scheduled for May 17th – 19th.

I attended Jonathan’s white paper 101 training last year, have read his book and follow his blog. The class was delivered over 3 days in a professional online webinar format, with slides, mp3s and transcripts available for those who couldn’t attend the live event.

White paper 201 takes the training a stage further and is focused on the business use of white paper as tools to help with lead generation.

Add Lucrative White Paper Lead Generation Techniques to Your Portfolio!

The best white paper marketers use their white papers to bring in hundreds of leads! If you were able to generate half of that, how could it help your business? Do you know “how” to produce these sought after services? The great news is you don’t need to be a techno-geek to generate lots of leads from your white papers.

Discover everything you need to know at the White Paper 201 Class, “Crafting White Papers that Generate Quality Business Leads”. This is a professional lead generation development course specifically designed for business marketers. Leading expert Jonathan Kantor, a 14-year veteran in with white papers will share his closely guarded secrets to white paper lead generation success at this LIVE online series of classes.

No travel is required. The online course allows you to attend class sessions from the comfort of your home or office. Only 100 seats will be offered for this session and it is sure to sell out quickly.

Find out how to qualify for a $100 savings and lock in your key to white paper success. Visit http://bit.ly/90Q9pe and discover how to get over $350 in giveaways.

Sign up here: http://bit.ly/90Q9pe

And here’s my samuraiwriter99 tweet feed from Jonathan’s recent free White Paper 201 Preview Call; hashtag #wppundit

I watched a replay of the free preview class Jonathan held recently. Here are the tweets I made while watching – preserved here for posterity because Twitter seems to ‘forget’ after about a week!

1) Set my alarm for 3:40am a few nights ago to attend Jonathan Kantor’s free white paper seminar with idea of live tweeting it. Alas, slept right through… Going to live tweet my own private viewing of the webinar playback shortly with hashtag #wppundit  (This was FaceBook status update.)

2) About to tweet live on watching replay of free online white paper webinar by @jonathan_kantor I slept in and missed the call! #wppundit

3) Title is “9 Ways to overcome the most common white paper lead generation mistakes” #wppundit

4) I attended Jonathan’s free class and the followup (pay) 3 class webinar on whitepaper creation (101) in 2010. Recommended #wppundit

5) I have Jonathan’s “Crafting white paper 2.0”. Goes well with Mike Stelzner’s Writing White Paper book #wppundit

6) Define “legitimate lead” – prospective, first-step, evaluating, solve #wppundit

7) prospective customer = not a repeat customer #wppundit

8) White papers as a prospective customer’s first step in a long evaluation process #wppundit

9) Gated content – the moat comes down? Sign up to download white papers… archaic? #wppundit

10) White paper mistake #1 – give me educational content, not the undercover sell… #wppundit

11) Over branding your white paper smacks of steering prospects into a sales corral – where they don’t want to go (yet, if ever)… #wppundit

12) That “tape drive” white paper jammed me on the title page too. #fail #wppundit

13) Solve a business solution, rather than sell a solution. See the diff? #wppundit

14) Trying again: Solve a business PROBLEM, rather than sell a solution. See the diff? #wppundit

15) Educational Value: 3 Key Areas for white papers: 1) T; 2) LP; 3) 3rd Party A #wppundit

16) White paper landing page – show me what I’m going to get… #wppundit

17) The lack of a “sample” was mistake #2 #wppundit

18) lol The chocolate white paper (I wish) #wppundit

19) Jonathan now discussing the structure of a 4 page sample white paper #wppundit

20) What benefit messages are your readers getting from a free sample white paper? #wppundit

21) White Paper Mistake #3 Are you targeting the ideal prospect with too much geek speak or tactical issues? #wppundit

22) Decision makers often focus on at least one of 6 key benefits #wppundit

23) A white paper title page does tell a story with imagery… #wppundit

24) White paper mistake #4: I’m distracted, engage me n-o-w! #wppundit

25) The White Paper graphic landing page now being shown. #wppundit

26) White paper mistake #5: Too many distractions and/or overwhelming design. #wppundit

27) Solving white paper mistake #5 : Looks like a microsite landing page with related content plus return points to the original paper #wppundit

28) White paper mistake #6: too many reg fields on landing page.. but who does THIS benefit? Mktg CRM systems?? #wppundit

29) White Paper reg fields: Is family name even required? Maybe just email address is OK… test it IMO #wppundit

30) White Paper Mistake #8: To get the paper, here are the hoops to jump through… #wppundit

31) Getting that white paper – the rule of 3 #wppundit

32) White Paper Mistake #9: Pay here… #wppundit

33) Some ad agencies / industry consultants sell “research” as their business model #wppundit

34) Consider giving away 1/3 of your white papers for free, with no reg required. #wppundit

35) Free white papers and pull vs push marketing. #wppundit

36) The secret sauce is your content info in the free white paper. #wppundit

37) White papers, first impressions, and a younger gen of decision makers… #wppundit

38) Jonathan now talking about his 3 part white paper 201 course, starting in May. Similar to this call but in depth #wppundit

39) If you want a download link to Jonathan’s free webinar (this one!), DM me here and I’ll send you his email addr. #wppundit

40) Part 2 of @jonathan_kantor course covers “crafting a B2B White Paper Strategy” #wppundit

41) WP201 Course #3 covers “Next Gen white papers” #wppundit

42) wp 201 also gives download access to videos, presentations and transcripts. Good if want to listen on demand #wppundit

43) white paper 201 webinar course limited to 100 seats; offer closes May 6th or when all seats gone… and 300 on this free call #wppundit

44) Find out more about white paper 201 (and 101) classes from this (aff) http://bit.ly/90Q9pe or (non-aff) http://www.whitepapercompany.com/docs/wp201class.php

45) This ‘live’ tweet on “9 Ways to Overcome the Most Common White Paper Lead Generation Mistakes” is now complete. Thank you. #wppundit

– Mark ‘white paper writer‘ McClure

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