WANTED: One Small Non-Profit Looking For a FREE Customer Story

It’s class project time on the case study mentoring program I’m enrolled in.

That means a lucky non-profit organization will get a free, one-page customer story they can use in their marketing campaigns.

I’m now looking for a small non-profit organization who could benefit from a customer story but don’t have the marketing resources to do it on their own.

Once selected, I’ll brief the organization on the 7-step process I’ve learned from my mentor, Casey Hibbard, and then I’ll run the project from start to finish.

(Casey will provide her expert feedback on each member’s non-profit project within our case study group.  Yours will also benefit from being reviewed by this very experienced writer.)


You can find additional information on each of the seven steps from my case study page. (The link  is to an unrelated offer I’m running for technology prospects. That one’s reduced in price but definitely not free!)

I’ll also be doing my own research on suitable non-profits and reaching out by email, phone and/or social media.

Here’s a sample of the information I will be sharing with non-profits I manage to connect with.


  • I’m a freelance writer currently in a course on creating customer success stories for organizations.
  • Our class project is creating a one-page story for a nonprofit  at no charge to the nonprofit.
  • I’m a big believer in your cause and am interested in working with you for the class project. (That means we should be a ‘match’ for each other before the project kicks off.)

The Project:

  • For the project, I would create a story that features someone who has benefited from your services.
  • This person can be either a direct beneficiary, or you could choose to feature a volunteer or supporter about the rewards of supporting your organization. Consider what kind of story would be most beneficial to your marketing and fund-raising efforts.
  • Prior to interviewing this person, I would learn about your organization to understand the key points that should be highlighted in the story.
  • I would interview the beneficiary directly, but the person would not need to be identified by his or her full name, if confidentiality is a concern.
  • You will have the chance to review and approve the story, as will the featured beneficiary.
  • Once the story is approved, I would only ask that you allow me to use it as an example of my work, on my own website or to show potential clients for my writing services.

The Benefits:

Once complete, you will have a “customer” story that offers a firsthand account of the benefits that you provide.

You can use the story in many different ways:

On your website

Fund raising/direct mail letters

Grant proposals

Annual reports


Retold or handed out at live events



Pitching stories to the media

Please feel free to share this message with your online and offline contacts but remember that only one FREE customer story for a non-profit is on offer.

– Mark ‘case study writer’ McClure

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Author: Mark McClure - A freelance b2b case study and white paper writer to the computer networking industry. Based in Tokyo, Japan. About the 'Samurai Writer'.
One comment on “WANTED: One Small Non-Profit Looking For a FREE Customer Story
  1. Gary says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’ve recently launched an NPO that grew from a simple idea, Beers for Books http://www.beersforbooks.org.

    It is a viral and replicable fundraising concept for childhood literacy in developing countries. We raise money for Room to Read’s local language publishing program http://www.roomtoread.org by having simple and fun events that anyone can organize anywhere.

    I’d love to have a Case Study about a volunteer who learned about the idea, took action, and organized a fundraising event.

    The Case Study would serve as an inspiration for others to get involved worldwide and would show them how we use the web to promote our events and spread the word about “B4B”.

    Please get in touch if you think this might be a fit for what you are doing.

    Thanks, Gary

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