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Video 15: Edited Transcript

This question relates to an earlier one about social media censorship in the business world.

The point of discussion is the ‘millennial generation’, the folks in their twenties, early thirties.

Millenials are going into the corporate world, and business world, and some into IT.

Matthew, for younger employees – how they work, how they choose to behave and use (digital) tools. Is it dramatically different from older managers and staff?

BYOD and Unearned Entitlement

Mark, ‘don’t really know yet.
Look at “bring your own device”. BYOD.
Everywhere you look people are mentioning it. Vendors are mentioning it and you can get into arguments on how you actually define what ‘BYOD’ is.

I look at things like ‘bring your own device’ as, it sounds like some people want to bring their own stuff in because they’re not happy with the corporate solution that they have. And I’m grossly oversimplifying this, but I’ve seen this to a certain degree.
And there’s this, almost a sense of entitlement that people think they have these days: “I should be allowed to work how I want to work, or do what I want to do.”

However, corporations exist to make money for their shareholders, not to give you jobs.

However, if companies are willing to let you do whatever suits you, and that makes you more effective, then companies would be stupid not to do that.
Because if you work more effectively, they can get the job done with fewer people, or you can get more accomplished and the company can get more money and win more business.

I think a lot of this remains to be seen but the typical day-to-day workforce, they’re doing the same things.

Trending: Smartphone minus ‘Phone’

One thing I have noticed, and this affects me too personally is, people tend to talk on the phone a lot less these days.
I do so much more over email and instant messaging and things like that, to where I have a smart phone and I probably talk on it with someone on the other end, maybe 5% of the time.
And 95% of the time it’s texting and email, and things like that.

That’s the big shift I see in the standard methods of communication. But for the most part, we’re still sitting in cubicles, using laptops and desktops to get our job done.

There are increasing numbers of remote workers, but there are still companies that do not allow teleworking because they think you’re just going to sit at home all day and watch soap operas, which I think is completely wrong but to be determined, I guess, is the short answer.

Ok. Thank you.

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