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Video 4 of 18: Buyer Personas

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Video 4: Edited Transcript

Do (IT) VARs use marketing speak such as ‘buyer personas’?

I see buyer personas as vendor marketing. There aren’t any VARs that I know of – there are some very, very large VARs that might do this but – from the ones I’m familiar with, I don’t actually see this.

We Talk To Our Buyers and Prospective Buyers

We kind of know who’s going to be interested in the product, and depending on who we’re talking to, whether it’s a C-level or an engineer, or a manager, you know really how to tailor the pitch.
Because you know the things they’re interested in, provided you’ve done your homework on their business, or you have an existing relationship.

But as far as the whole buyer persona thing in the VAR space, no, we typically would lean on the vendors to give us their perspective of who would be interested, depending on their position.

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