The Internet Is A Marketing Medium

Here’s an intriguing example of a couple who are using the Internet as a medium in which to market. (the practical, profitable definition of that much abused term, “Internet Marketing”.)

Mike’s a recent MBA graduate having a tough time finding a marketing job in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Robin’s his wife-on-a-mission:

To help her husband become gainfully employed.

There are some interesting marketing ideas at work here:

1) (2011 Oct update: Link appears to be broken) is a great choice for a domain name in this case – it’s immediately obvious what the site’s primary goal is.

2) There’s a certain allure in the role played by Mike’s wife, Robin. While the site’s about finding her other half a good job, there’s an element of mystery about her professional background. Is she also a marketer? Or perhaps a PR guru?

Keep’em guessing!

I noticed on Mike’s resume that he saved Level3 Communications a ton of money by managing a project in-house rather than outsourcing.

Although that was back in 2000, there’s certainly a ‘talking point’ here for subsequent interviews with US firms who have a “Hire in America” approach to their personnel requirements.

(Large MNCs might speak a different language and he’d need to tread carefully on their ‘human capital landscape’.)

Time To Tweet!

Apart from the very short YouTube video (8 seconds!), the static html page layout means most visitors are unlikely to return after the initial viewing.

The site could therefore probably benefit from some ‘stickiness’ in the form of tweets about what’s going on behind the job search scenes.

A link from Mike’s Twitter profile to the site will bring traffic – a lot of it unqualified. But you never know who will have the ‘inside scoop’ on an unadvertised role or pass on the url to a hiring manager etc.

Such is the potential within social media.

– Mark McClure

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