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In addition to creating white papers and customer case studies for the IT Networking marketplace, I also write online and printed content for clients operating in a variety of Information Technology sectors.
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Repurposing existing content for a particular audience and campaign is a great way to get more from your copywriting investment.

For example, while a white paper can be written specifically as a lead generation item for attending a webinar, the ideas it contains can be used in articles, blog posts, press releases etc.

Case Studies:

People like to know how others have succeeded with your products and services. These two to four page documents make your company’s solution that much more believable. Click this link for more info: “Case Studies“.

Catalog Copy:

From 1/4 to full page content, I can help computer networking parts suppliers combine benefits and features into a tightly focused catalog piece – online or printed.

Corporate Brochures:

Unlike an annual report, your corporate brochure can stay valid for a number of years. Sizes vary from small pamphlets to documents with dozens of pages and pictures.

Email Autoresponder Copy:

Email remains an effective way of regularly communicating with a group of interested prospects. I can write email copy that will help to educate and interest subscribers in your products and services.

Website Landing Pages:

I can write individual landing pages, content for micro websites, as well as direct response sales pages for related products and services.

Press Releases:

A newsworthy story of interest to your marketplace is the key to creating a widely distributed and quoted online press release. I can help you find those diamonds in the rough.

Trade Magazine Articles:

Raise your company’s profile with articles aimed at the core readership of both print and online magazines in your market niches.

Product Data Sheets:

I can write both the front page copy which describes your solution and its main selling points, and the back page details about features and specifications.

Product Sales Brochures:

I specialize in computer networking product and services brochures, and write copy for both print and online versions.

Website Content:

From individual pages to a complete website, I can work with you and your web designers to deliver online content that addresses your market’s needs.

White Papers:

The Samurai Writer’s core copywriting service.
Find out more about white papers aimed at (potential) buyers of computer networking products and services. Click “white papers.”

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