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I removed the Twitter and FaceBook apps from my smartphone a few weeks ago.

It feels great to be disconnected from the extraordinary madness of mobile crowds.

Why? Well, in the case of Twitter it’s overrun with self-promotional noise. And I’ve found very few b2b tech marketing managers with the time to tweet regularly or to pick up on mine (timezones and tweet velocity would necessitate retweeting the same content over and over. Er, no. It’s supposed to be social media… not digital direct mail lol.)


I haven’t abandoned social media marketing. But I am being more selective of how I use it in general, and of Twitter in particular.

If I have tech marketing content to tweet about then I will do so but maybe only once or twice a week.

And should some major event be happening e.g. a network vendor’s annual tech week then I may tune into some hashtags and see what is going on and who is there. (For a freelance b2b marketing writer these can be a source of prospects to follow and to perhaps also engage with at a later date.)

Even with a desktop screen, my time is better spent  researching and reading content of my own choosing and so I’ve just about given up on opening retweeted links there too. Of course, it was a pita on a smartphone to open and manipulate pdfs, and then navigate via a tiny screen.

FaceBook? The less said the better. In my freelance b2b tech marketing writer universe I’d prefer not be ‘virtual friends’ with prospects or clients. And I suspect the feeling is mutual.

Well, that’s enough complaining for one post. Back to what works – writing for clients who know what I can do.

If you’re not yet a client please feel free to get in touch about your requirements via my contact page.

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