Special Offer: Japan-based Grasshopper Enters Mentoring Monastery For Case Study Copywriters…

Well, maybe ‘mentoring monastery’ is a stretch to believe in but hear me out… and I agree, the headline’s a long one. Still, there’s a special offer below to die for – that is, if you can stand the pain.

Read on.

As a teenager in the ’70s, I’ve strong memories of the late David Carradine in the cult TV series, ‘Kung Fu’. His character, popularly known as ‘Grasshopper’, was a Shaolin monk trained in Eastern philosophy and the martial arts, who roamed the American Old West righting wrongs with words and the occasional fisticuffs.

It may be hard to believe these days but we fans lived for the 2 minutes (or less) of Kung Fu action in each episode. There was very little in the way of blood spilled or gratuitous violence and almost every episode included long flashbacks into Grasshopper’s training and his mistakes back at the Monastery.

And it’s to that monastery angle I now return.

You may recall from last week’s post that I wrote of my decision to enroll in a six month case study mentoring course .

I’m a great believer in the value of paying for education from people who know what they’re doing… hence my donning of student garb and the desire to learn and practice the case study moves. If it worked with white papers, I believe it can work with case studies.

To get into character I’ll simply imagine Grasshopper’s flute (he always carried it, and no weapon) as my digital copywriter’s pen. Japan can substitute for China (we’ve plenty of temples here), even though there’s currently a spot of bother between them over some disputed islands in the S.China Sea…

But, how can I conjure up Casey as my mentor if she’s in the US and clearly not anything like the elderly Asian monk who guided David Carradine’s character?

Well, having listened to Casey on a teleclass and seen her picture here, the best I can come up with is Laura’s mum from another great show, ‘The Little House on The Prairie’. (Note: This might be cause for suspension from the mentoring class on grounds of gross insubordination, or even of diminished responsibility!)

Where’s The Special Case Study Copywriting Offer?

Yes, at least 3 of the four people still reading this far will be silently screaming this question out loud in their heads. Fear not, I promised you pain at the start, and pain you got in spades.

Now comes the soothing salve of an offer any meditating marketing managers for IT Networking companies just cannot possibly pass up…

Take a look at this:



Since I have 6 months of access to Casey’s formidable case study experience via private discussion board and email, here’s what’s on offer from me:

Each month, from October to March 2011, I’ll reserve time for two case study copywriting projects at 50% off the full rate.

They’ll follow the professional method that Casey describes in her book, ‘Stories That Sell’, as well as tips and techniques I’ve picked up from other professional copywriters, such as Bob Bly and Steve Slaunwhite.

Here’s what the Case Study Copywriting Offer shown above is all about:

1) How Much?
50% off my standard case study copywriting rates:
$500 – 2 pages
$1000 – 4 pages

2) What’s Included?
a) Phone Interviews
b) Case Study Outline for your review before writing begins.
c) Up to 2 Drafts for your review before final copy submission.
d) Final Copy (in electronic form).

All backed up by my 100% satisfaction guarantee – which means if you are not completely satisfied with the final copy, I’ll rewrite the case study until you are.

3) How Many?
Interviewing for and writing quality case studies takes time. I’ve also got other clients with full fee copywriting projects to deliver on. That’s why I must restrict this offer to just two case studies per month (from Oct 2010 to Mar 2011, inclusive).

4) Who Benefits?
The idea client is a marketing manager of a company in the IT Networking sector who has a case study project ready to roll.

5) Don’t Miss Out!
First come, first served!

Each month the slots will be announced first to my white paper email list.

A day or two later, the offer will be announced here on the blog, via Twitter and my FaceBook page.

When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Any additional requests for case study projects that month will be quoted at the full rate.

Professionally-written case studies are one of the best ways to build rapport with prospects who are ready to find out more about what your computer networking products and services can really do for their business.

Don’t miss out – sign up today.

– Mark ‘case study warrior’ McClure

PS – Please note that I will be doing the work on any case study copywriting project you may hire me for. Although I will have access to Casey via email for questions relating to the course material and knowledge gained, there’s no consultancy or copywriting from Casey included in my offer.

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  1. Hi Mark

    Fun post!

    If Laura’s mom works for you grasshopper, then run with it! 🙂 I actually do have a photo of myself somewhere in a karate gi but will not be circulating it!

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