Seven Ways To Overcome The Most Common White Paper Mistakes

I’m always up for learning from established experts in the white paper arena.
That’s why I attended the White paper success summit 2010 earlier this year and why I’ll also be getting up for a 4am (relax, that’s Japan time) call with two top class white paper copywriters.



Michael Stelzner, of , and the author of the very popular book, Writing White Papers: How to Attract Readers and Keep Them Engaged, is hosting the free webinar, along with Jonathan Kantor, of

(Both gentlemen have very targeted domain name selections!)

In addition to their words of wisdom, I’ll be very interested to learn more about white paper marketing (mistakes) in these tough economic times. Budgets have been slashed, consumers are retrenching and paying off debt and the “jobless recovery” is in danger of becoming the new economic status quo.

The free webinar will be held on Wednesday May 26th, at 12:00pm Pacific, 2:00 Central, and 3:00pm Eastern time. To attend all you need to do is register by visiting for more information. (2016-12-13 update: That site is no more!)

Of course you don’t have to attend the live call because all registered are promised a link to the recorded version for listening at their convenience.

However, in my case I’ll take advantage of the 5am Tokyo dawn by attending the call from 4-5am, then out for a quick trot around the park, followed by walking the dog around 6, and then into the day proper. It’s sometimes a nice feeling to have a good 1/2 day’s work under the belt before the standard 9-5 has even begun.

– Mark McClure

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