Presenting IPTV Case Studies at ConnecTV Conference

I received an interesting email from ConnectTV Asia, promoting their third annual conference about IPTV.
The event will be held in Beijing, China on Dec 6-7, 2011.


A quick look at their About page and the conference Agenda, reveals that “converged entertainment”, and converged TVs in particular, is a market that’s powering ahead in the Asia Pacific region.

What grabbed my attention were the case studies lined up as presentation items for the day one afternoon sessions:


I’d be very interested to learn how these case study presentations have been constructed. For instance, are they adapted from existing customer stories or created specifically for the conference presentation session?

It’s possible to take an existing case study and ‘re-purpose’ (today’s de rigeur marketing term for using your material in multiple formats, as appropriate) it as a series of blog posts, a feature article, as multiple tweets and, of course, as a presentation.

If you are planning to attend the case study sessions I’d like to know the plus and minus points of what was delivered.
At this stage I don’t know if the organizer plan to release any content once the event is finished.

– Mark ‘IT case study writer’ McClure

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