Just Whose Technology Business Are Your Copywriters Building?

Today (Saturday) is a recovery day for me following three early morning rises this week to attend Jonathan Kantor’s White Paper webinar class. (It was well worth the effort and I’ll have to more say about how I’m applying what I learned there in future posts.)

Flicking through my blog log I came across a heart-stopping post from Joe Pulizzi of Junta 42 and the Content Marketing Institute.

What grabbed my attention was how Joe shared why we do what we do.

For example, take the art and mechanics of top-class white paper copywriting. I’m finding it really is a satisfying feeling to know that applied learning and hard work is paying off over time, as writing skills improve and experience is gained.

Niche markets are chosen.
Websites built, blog started, tweets tweeted etc etc.
Marketing campaigns attract prospects and win clients.
Metrics are measured.

Results. Results. Results.

But whose?

Now read what Joe had to say about “whose business are you developing?” (broken link)

I love it so much here’s my new 10 second elevator speech:

“I’m your business development manager’s white paper copywriter.”

– Mark McClure

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