Juniper Networks Use of Case Studies, Customer Success Stories and Testimonials

Are you confused about the differences between case studies, customer success stories and testimonials?

Then take a closer look at a leading computer networking company who are using all three on the same web page, combining style with substance…

… except for one minor oversight, which I’ll get to at the end.

Here’s Juniper Networks’ Case studies and Customer Quotes page.

I like how Juniper are building credibility through a variety of social proof mechanisms that feature the voices of their customers. This type of information is often much more powerful than any amount of presentations or data sheets that trumpet the vendor‘s solutions and ideas.

For example:

1– Notice the featured customer quote (or “testimonial” in the copywriter’s parlance) and the links to more quotes from three different market sectors.

2– There’s a “Read their stories” link at the bottom of the Tesla car image that takes the visitor to specific customer stories. (And look how Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube links are also visibly prominent below that. Juniper are making it easier for prospects to follow them across multiple social media channels.)

3– The bottom half of the page has links to specific case studies in the Enterprise, Service Provider and Public Sector marketplaces. All are freely downloadable and require no registration.

The Difference Between Customer Stories and Case Studies

I’ve noticed that companies often mix up these terms in descriptions of their marketing collateral, leading (I suspect) to some confused prospects.

However, Juniper avoids that trap and leaves the reader in no doubt that customer stories are brief overviews of a customer’s experience with their products and services. Whereas, case studies go into more detail on the problems, challenges and solution each customer met and overcame – with the help of Juniper Networks, naturally.

And That Minor Oversight by Juniper?

The Tesla customer success story (and 60 sec video) made me keen to know more about what Juniper did for them. And with my tech background (Cisco CCIE), I expected there would also be a Tesla case study to add some tech marketing horsepower to the success story’s bodywork.

Still, that’s a minor issue. Good job, Juniper.

– Mark ‘case study connoisseur’ McClure

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