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IT Value Added Reseller (VAR) Content Marketing Video Series

In these 18 videos, I interview IT VAR Pre-Sales Engineer, Matthew Norwood, about the challenges and pitfalls of b2b content marketing for Technology VARs.

To watch a video, please click on the relevant link below. On each page you’ll also find an edited transcript of the conversation.

Video 01: Introduction (2m 5s)
This video explains what’s covered and introduces ‘content marketing’ in an IT Sales context

Video 02: Matthew Norwood Introduction (0m 26s)
Pre-Sales IT Engineer, Matthew Norwood, says hello.

Video 03: About Content Marketing (0m 53s)
An IT Sales Engineer’s definition of b2b content marketing.

Video 04: Buyer Personas (1m 22s)
How do ‘Buyer Personas’ in the IT VAR workspace?

Video 05: Prospect Education (4m 31s)
Are prospects and customer more educated in today’s Internet-enabled world than in the days of faxes and dead tree marketing?

Video 06: White Papers (1m 49s)
Matthew mentions the white papers he finds useful as a (technical) pre-Sales IT engineer.

Video 07: Case Studies (3m 29s)
How are case studies (aka ‘customer success stories’) of interest to IT VARs?

Video 08: Printed Versus Digital (2m 14s)
Why prospects rarely ask for or print out IT data sheets in a digital world?

Video 09: B2B Technology Conferences(2m 24s)
Tech conferences and lead generation – do they go together?

Video 10: The Pre-Sales IT VAR Experience (5m 58s)
Would you want to buy anything from someone who knows nothing about the product they’re selling, and even less about competitors’ products?

Video 11: HP and Content Marketing (7m 00s)
Discussing Hewlett Packard, content marketing, and the joys of design guides

Video 12: IT VARs and Content Marketing (2m 26s)
Corporate blogs, social media outreach, content marketing strategy – all the buzz words and more!

Video 13: Social Media (6m 17s)
Social media meets busy VAR staffers. And why is Twitter so useful?

Video 14: Social Media Censorship (4m 32s)
If your company’s blocking social media, watch this video.

Video 15: Millennials (3m 17s)
Are Millennials the generation pushing BYOD in the workplace?

Video 16: Corporate Blogging (2m 45s)
Why do so many corporate blogs bore visitors?

Video 17: Personal Brand Marketing (8m 57s)
Building a ‘personal platform’ online intentionally, or as a welcome by-product of connecting and sharing.

Video 18: B2B Video Case Studies (8m 57s)
Is video as a tool that can help get a tech vendor’s message across?

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