How To Get More From Your White Papers

Well, here we are in 2013 – the ‘Year of the Snake’, in these parts – and I’d like to begin by drawing your attention to a new white paper resource on LinkedIn.

get-more-from-your-white-papersIt’s a private group started by Gordon Graham, a very experienced white paper writer.

Gordon’s site is and he’s also just finished authoring a new book called, “White Papers for Dummies”.

His LinkedIn group, ‘Get More From Your White Papers’, only launched around Xmas 2012 time and has 35 members when I checked today.

Some of LinkedIn’s large b2b marketing groups have not been my cup of tea because the ratio of useful discussion to self-promotion was too low.

And I’m just too busy to wade through pseudo-spam these days.

However, this one looks like it will be a useful place to discuss how to get more from white papers. I’ll be dropping in only a handful of LinkedIn groups this year, and Gordon’s is on that list. If you become a member there, please feel free to say ‘hello’.

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