Hooked on White Paper Success Copywriting

When a good copywriter sees a great piece of work it’s hard to resist checking it out.

That’s why when I came across Michael Stelzner’s online marketing for his “White Paper Success Summit 2010”, I spent several hours analyzing and, if truth be told, getting emotional responses to his copy!

So much so that once my logical mind had intellectually verified what the feeling side was all excited about from the start …

… the clock showed 2:30 am!

white paper success summit 2010

Decision made, I confidently clicked that buy button, safe in the knowledge that I’d done damned decent due diligence and also doubly pleased by my decision to purchase.

Now isn’t that what converting copy is supposed to do?

I sure think so… and later dreamed of magically bottling up all those sensations, doubts, double-checks and decision making moments into the samuraiwriter’s very own copywriting success formula… and applying them to every piece of copy I’ll write for clients.

You see, moving from breathless prospect to “relaxed” customer (actually, “relieved” is a more apt description of my feelings once the thank you email came through) was as thrilling as any theme ride I’ve ever ridden.

And that’s the response you should be aiming for with every piece of copy you use in your business.

How to Bait The Samurai Writer…

Actually, it’s not that difficult!

You need just three tasty elements to get me to bite:

  1. An Incredible Offer
  2. Believable Scarcity
  3. Proof

In the next post I’ll reveal how these copywriting morsels were dangled provocatively around my curious snout just long enough to tease and arouse my hunger…

… turning me from another harmless shoal spectator to something like a “there’s blood in the water and I want my chunk” tiger shark – aka a raving prospect.

Hey, Mr. Stelzner’s copywriter put me into such a deep buying trance that I even downloaded and displayed his summit logo (see this blog’s side bar.)

Now why the hell did I do that?

And yikes, I don’t even have an affiliate link for the product.

Shucks, all will be revealed in the next post. Hopefully you won’t have to wait another five months for it to surface.

– Mark McClure

PS: How could I resist using a PS on a post like this! Just for the record… the “buying trance” reference is fiction, diluted by a touch of irony. Nothing has that effect on me… nothing except my better half… and my daughter… and my copywriting mentor… and my email autoresponder copy coach… and the saleswoman who sold me two formal suits for almost the price of one etc etc 😉

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