Google Search Made Simpler 銀のさら

Are you making it easier for your customers to find you and order?

By way of example from Japan, here’s something I see a lot while riding trains or reading the flyers that appear in my mail box most days.



Look at the Kanji characters inside the Google search box.

This is a Sushi home-delivery chain and the brand’s name – ginsara – plus CM, meaning ‘commercial’, are all you need remember to find them on the web.

For people who are not comfortable with website addresses (and there are many!), this makes it real easy to locate their zany commercials and their website, since they’re at the top of the page for that keyword phrase.

(By the way, these ads don’t infringe on Google’s copyrighted image because all that’s shown is a rectangular box with the keyword phrase and a computer mouse arrow hovering over the Kanji kensa-searchequivalent for the ‘search’ button.)

For the more tech-savvy customers there’s a web site listed for people using computers with a standard screen display and another for those accessing the Internet via a mobile phone, which is very popular in Japan.

I’ll keep an eye out for high tech companies doing similar ads on the train – don’t get any flyers from them in my mail box!

– Mark McClure

PS – Click on the google box above to see a YouTube example of one of their ‘CMs’. It’s obviously culturally-tuned to Japanese humor but I smiled at the tongue-in-cheek bizarreness and have a much stronger impression of the brand (and that’s no small thing, since Japan has gazillions of Sushi delivery shops and chains.)

Or maybe I’ve just been here too long (~_^)

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