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How’s your Google profile coming along? Do you even have one?

Until recently I’d not considered it much – being content to build a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook.

However, a tweet this morning made me reconsider.

Neil Schaffer, owner of Windmills Marketing, a Social Media Strategic Consultancy, tweeted a link to the work of another social media branding expert (see how these guys share!) called Ryan Rancatore.

Ryan’s post is on a blog dedicated to people wanting to know more about personal branding and is titled:

Create The Perfect Google Profile In Seven Steps (link goes to 404 error as of 2016-12-13).

Well, I was taken by that post and followed through on several of the links given. I was particularly impressed with Meg Guiseppi’s Google profile and will draw on her experiences and example when drafting my changes.

I’ll also be taking a look at the big G profiles for other freelance technical copywriters in my niche and see if I can create something uniquely authentic about mine.

As a placeholder, here’s my profile before any changes. All being well I’ll post the dramatic improvements (of course!) in a future post and invite you to tell me what you think.


– Mark ‘SamuraiWriter‘ McClure (2016-12-13 update: My Google Plus profile now focuses more on my science fiction writing persona and less on the commercial business writing I do on this site.)

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Author: Mark McClure – A freelance b2b case study and white paper writer to the computer networking industry. Based in Tokyo, Japan. About the ‘Samurai Writer’.

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