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Just an update on where I am with online social media.

Last July, in a post about Google Plus, I explained my thinking on reserving FaceBook for family/friends, and making use of Twitter, LinkedIn and a very new Google Plus for my b2b marketing activities.

Four months on and I’ve found little need to change those ideas.

In fact, with the emergence of Google Plus into at least the online light of day, I think it’s an ideal environment for a b2b service providers.

Here’s what I’m doing with Google Plus:

1) Google Plus Personal Profile:
This is branded as ‘Mark McClure on google+‘ and allows me to interact with people beyond the b2b tech marketing world.
All the fun of adding and being added to ‘circles’ is available.



2) Google Plus Business Page:
[2014-03-04 Update: I’m now using LinkedIn for business networking and deleted the Google + business page.  I do use the Google + personal profile below mainly for my fiction writing persona but also because of authorship status with Google.] This is was a business page for Samuraiwriter Services on Google+ and is where I’ll be hanging out my freelance IT writer shingle. I’ll be posting and commenting almost exclusively about b2b IT networking from a content marketing perspective. However, unlike my Google Plus personal profile, I cannot follow others until they first follow me. So please feel free to add my Google+ page into your circles!



It remains to be seen how companies operating in the b2b IT networking marketplace will adopt business pages in Google+ but I will be keeping a digital eye on their activities. If Google have serious plans for making community and social search a key part of their organic search engine listings then I think we’ll see some action here in 2012 and beyond.

– Mark McClure

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