Freelance B2B Case Study Writer Video Series

How To Get The Best From a Freelance B2B Case Study Writer

In these six videos, freelance b2b case study writer, Pamela DeLoatch, and I, discuss what a marketing manager should look for before hiring a customer success story writer.

To watch a video, please click on the relevant link below. On each page you’ll also find an edited transcript of the conversation.

Video 01: Introduction (3 minutes)
This video explains what’s covered. It’s also the first time we’ve seen each other ‘live’. Lights, cameras, action…

Video 02: About Case Studies (7 minutes)
This video answers the question;
“How does a company know that it needs a case study anyway?”

Video 03: The Writer’s Experience (17 minutes)
This video discusses what a marketing manager should look for before hiring a freelance b2b case study writer. We also look at when to consider a specialist versus a generalist writer. Sparks fly here…!

Video 04: Case Study Process(22 minutes)
This video focuses on the processes that experienced case study writers use to get the job done. The freelancer’s role as an “ambassador” for your company is also explored.

Video 05: After The Writing Is Done (9 minutes)
This video highlights what additional services the case study writer can offer – including project management and content repurposing.

Video 06: Wrap Up (4 minutes)
This video summarizes our discussion on getting the best from a freelance b2b case study writer.

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