Freelance b2b Case Study Writer Series Video 06 Wrap-Up

How To Get The Best From a Freelance B2B Case Study Writer

Video 06: Wrap Up

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An edited transcript of the conversation is provided below.

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Video 06: Edited Transcript

Well, Mark I think we pretty much answered all the questions on how to get the best from a freelance b2b case study writer.

In summary, I think we’ve said that you really need to have somebody who:

1) is an experienced b2b writer.

2) can understand what your customer’s story is really about.

3) is able to tell that story well.

4) is willing (and able) to be a partner and ambassador for your company.

5) you can easily check out their experience and their passion (for writing customer stories).

What other things were major points this evening, Mark?

Well Pamela, I think you’ve covered the highlights but I want to mention three ideas in closing.
Idea one: Don’t assume that your writer’s just a b2b writer; if you want to get maximum value from a proven case study writer, consider using their other skills.

If they’re able to handle a lot of the project management tasks, that can take hours off a case study project, allowing you to be doing other things with the saved time.
Idea two: When you find a good case study writer that you like…

…and you’ve seen them in ‘action’, think how you might be able to use them for some of your (content) repurposing projects e.g. producing blog-posts or press releases.
Idea three: When you find someone who’s taken the time to show you that they’re interested in your company…

…and that they’ve researched it, and they understand where you’re going in terms of serving customers with the products you offer; then it may make sense to develop an ongoing business relationship with them.

Finally, please remind everyone how they can contact you regarding your freelance writing services, Pamela.

Pamela’s website is:

Pamela’s twitter name’s @pameladel.

She’s on FaceBook as ‘Pamela Deloatch’

And you can also find her on

Mark’s IT b2b case study web page is:
IT Case Studies and B2B Customer Success Stories.

You’ll find the other ways to contact and/or follow him listed on the “About’ page.

Mark’s Twitter handle’s @samuraiwriter99.

OK, Pamela, thank you very much for this trans-pacific call!
We’re on opposite sides of the world; it’s nighttime in Raleigh, N.Carolina, and it’s morning here in Tokyo, Japan.

We covered a lot of ground and I hope the readers, viewers and listeners find it useful.

OK, that sounds great. Thank you, Mark.

PS: Since these recordings were made, the content is gradually being ‘repurposed’ into YouTube videos, Blog posts, twitter snippets, iTunes podcast(s), a b2b case study lead generation document, and other content formats.

Pamela and I would appreciate your constructive feedback on any of this additional content that you come across.

In addition, we’d be delighted if you choose to share the content with your networks.

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