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Yes, I’m afraid I’ve been beaten to the branch and some other twit has nabbed ‘samuraiwriter’ on

So I went with samuraiwriter99 instead.

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Only Muppets Tweet?

I must admit my first reaction to the world of Tweeting – micro posts of 140 characters or less – was to roll my eyes and mentally utter, “You muppet, McClure. There’s no time to blog, write articles, write copy etc etc – let alone tweet sweet nothings about…er, nothing much in particular.”

Or so I thought…

… but having seen some ghostwriters, copywriters and marketers use it to allow customers, prospects and the plain curious to see more of what they are about, I figure I can at least demo what a mid-career ghostwriter, copywriter and career/life coach brings to this digital bird bath 🙂

Sure, from time to time I’ll soft-sell a writing service or special offer – the early bird gets the worm, so to speak.

But I’ll be mostly interested in two things from fluttering about in Twitter space:

1- Marketing the feck out of, sorry, I mean finding out if online business owners (my generic target market) can be persuaded to perch alongside me.

2- Learning to write headlines in 140 characters or less 😉

– Mark McClure

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Author: Mark McClure - A freelance b2b case study and white paper writer to the computer networking industry. Based in Tokyo, Japan. About the 'Samurai Writer'.

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