Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1- How Do I Place An Order?

After sending your quote I’ll get in touch for a chat. This gives you and I an important opportunity to see if we are a good fit before any working agreement is made.

2- How Do I Contact You?

Click this link: Contact Mark Today.

3- Do You Give Discounts?

A 10% discount is given for projects paid in full in advance.

4- What are Your Standard Payment Policies?

For most projects, I send a first draft and then invoice on the 1st of the following month, with requested Net 30 payment terms.
More details are available in the freelance copywriter’s agreement which is provided when a quotation is requested.

5- Do You Charge Hourly?

In most cases the answer is “Sorry, but no”.

Once you brief me, I usually quote for an entire project – this makes your budgeting simpler and our project milestones clearer.

Please note that the quote can be broken down to individual components where necessary e.g. a whitepaper per page rate.

I sometimes agree an hourly rate with clients where copywriting tasks are requested beyond the agreed creative brief e.g. an additional round of edits.

6- Can You Write Copy For Our Market?

I’m a freelance technology copywriter for B2B computer networking companies – specializing in white papers and customer case studies. I also write for IT hardware and software companies.

However, as my interests include personal and organizational development (I’m a qualified career and business coach), I’m also open to discussing copywriting assignments that can help your staff become more productive and successful.

Next Step

Contact Mark ‘Samurai Writer’ McClure today to get a quote on your b2b technology copywriting requirements, or for more information on my copywriting services. Click this link: contact me.

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