Email Copywriter Seeks Time Control Device

A Time Control Device? Couldn’t we all do with one now and again…


Yikes, since my last post on joining Jay White’s autoresponder apprentice program (nope, that’s not an aff link!), has time sped up or someone changed my daily 86,400 seconds allocation?

Of course, nothing of the sort’s happened. I’ve simply become very busy with client ghostwriting assignments.

This ‘daily bread’ work is the ‘important and urgent’ component of my working day.

Jay’s course is an example of an activity positioned in the ‘important but not urgent’ quadrant of time allocation. To be honest, it promises a much, much bigger return on investment than any amount of article writing income.

And so, in order to take advantage of that promise, I’m having to tweak the time management skills I used so effectively in the corporate IT world to the solitary life of a freelance writer.

Part of the solution rests with applying time-tested (sorry!) tools of prioritization and daily goal/task setting.

But another crucial element comes down to habitual self-hypnosis – and I mean that literally. Having experienced incredibly productive reverie states as a runner and in a hobby I fell in love with decades ago (board wargaming)- periods when I felt that time really did stand still – I’m renewing my acquaintance with a fascinating book I last read from cover-to-cover over 5 years ago:

Dr. William Fezler’s “Creative Imagery – How To Visualize In All Five Senses”

Published in 1989, it’s still available on Amazon. The chapter on ‘Time Control’ has captivated me for a while. And while I intellectually understand the concepts of ‘time dilation’ and ‘time expansion’, now’s the time to put them into action.

If nothing else, the practice elements on visualization will likely benefit the copywriting mindset. Should the world speed up or slow down for me (Superman style) I’ll be sure to let you know 😉

– Mark McClure

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