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Copywriters spend a lot of time crafting headlines and sub headlines, all with an eye on hooking the reader into the copy, one sentence at a time. Of course, many people do not read copy from top to bottom, line by line (although some ready-to-buy prospects will do so, multiple times…).

The point is that the ability to communicate by gaining an audience’s attention from the start requires a storyteller’s sense of drama, along with empathy for the reader.

I’m always looking for ways to improve my own skills in that area – from reading novels to writing out famous copy ads by hand. I’ll try anything legal at least once 😉

Well, here’s an article I’ll be keeping in my copywriter’s training file for future reference. Even though it’s about how sales people communicate using (Powerpoint) presentations, the message is very relevant to writing great copy.

The article’s called:
How Ronald Reagan Would Change Your Corporate Sales Presentation

“Mashed potato circuit” – I love it!
(I guess in Japan, it’d be the “rice and pickles” circuit?)

– Mark McClure

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