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Starving For Mobile Marketing Morsels

I removed the Twitter and FaceBook apps from my smartphone a few weeks ago.

It feels great to be disconnected from the extraordinary madness of mobile crowds.

Why? Well, in the case of Twitter it’s overrun with self-promotional noise. And I’ve found very few b2b tech marketing managers with the time to tweet regularly or to pick up on mine (timezones and tweet velocity would necessitate retweeting the same content over and over.

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Marketing Science

I’m back on a social media diet. There’s just too much to do and not enough productive hours. Of course, in digital glutton mode I could use weekends to gorge on all those tasty-looking ‘spray and pray’ b2b marketing messages.

Well, no. Consuming an occasional tweet stream snack or Linkedin group morsel are both OK but gotta keep an eye on my expanding ‘waste’

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