Case Study or Industry White Paper?

I recently joined up at (Dec 2016 update: site dead?) – billed as an online community of business and professional experts. (Click the link to see my public profile.)

As well as the opportunity to network online with other b2b tech professionals, there are a ton of vendor-sponsored white papers and case studies just a click or two way. (Most require registration but the form is pre-filled after the first download.)

Imagine my surprise when I picked out this excellent example of a case study from the IBM Software group. This is the type of unintended marketing confusion that unfortunately traps prospects and sales/marketing into the subconscious realms of linguistic confusion.

Can you spot what I’m talking about – and it’s nothing to do with IBM.

The answer will be revealed in Xmas Day’s (Dec 25th) “White Christmas” post.


– Mark ‘case study or white paper detective’ McClure

PS – Oct 2011 update: While my profile is still online I’m not active on the site. My social media efforts are mainly directed toward Twitter and LinkedIn at present.

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Author: Mark McClure – A freelance b2b case study and white paper writer to the computer networking industry. Based in Tokyo, Japan. About the ‘Samurai Writer’.

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