Case Study Mentoring Course – Week 6

If you’re a technology marketing manager or business development manager in the computer networking industry, here’s a case study deal worth checking out.
(Dec 2016 post update: offer closed and link removed.)

For readers new to the blog, this is the second post in an occasional series about my participation in Casey Hibbard’s mentoring program for case study writers. (Post #1 is here.)

The program’s been on a short break for the US Thanksgiving holiday and that’s given me some time to catch up on homework assignments.

To be honest, I’ve let the homework slide a bit because I wanted to get this very special offer in place asap.

And so, without further ado…

The Customer Case Study Special Offer

The October and November slots are now closed but you can still lock in December’s two places.

– Mark ‘case study writer at large’ McClure

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