Case Study Mentoring Course – Week 1

This is the first in a series of posts based on my participation in Casey Hibbard’s six month case study mentoring course for copywriters.

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Week 1 – Things started groggily as I got up at 2am Tokyo time only to hear Casey wrap up the call! Yes, despite going to bed at 9pm I fluffed the time zone look-up… Sheesh.
Anyway, the mp3 download of the call fixed that error.

This Week’s Learning Points:

(These are just a summary of the main points I was interested in. Other topics were also covered on the call.)

1– Definitions: Case study vs Success story vs Testimonial.
Casey shared her experiences, including the length of a success story.

2– Why success stories work. How companies use them as ‘web summaries’.

3– Customer Stories – Casey’s generic phrase. (Note: copywriters distinguish between clients who hire them to write stories about customers.)

4– Why effective success stories must deliver on these three things (C.E.V.)

5Assignment: An examination of the differences between 4 real-life success stories and case studies.

– Mark ‘case study copywriter’ McClure

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