Case Study Copywriter’s Mentoring Course Update

I graduated from Casey Hibbard’s case study copywriting mentoring course in April. It was a wonderful learning experience and I’d recommend the course to any freelancer looking to build practical case study writing and marketing skills.

Using a combination of weekly conference calls, webinars, a discussion group, guest speakers, assignments and individual email support, here’s what we covered during the six months course. (The image is from Casey’s own page for the course. Click the image or the link here to visit Casey’s ‘Stories that Sell Guide‘ website.)


The highlight of the course was writing an actual case study for a non-profit organization because this enabled me to apply much of what I’d learned from Casey, and also get her precise and relevant feedback.

For my case study, I chose the Tokyo-based, but with an increasingly international reach, ‘Beers for Books‘.

‘Beers for Books’ is Gary Bremermann’s idea of helping with ‘Room to Read’s’ mission of improving childhood literacy in developing countries – a great way to raise money and have a little fun.

Gary was interested in a case study that highlighted how people can organize their own ‘Beers for Books’ events, enjoy the occasion and have the satisfaction of knowing they’re making a real difference in the educational opportunities available to disadvantaged children.

I had a blast interviewing his volunteer, Diane Hobler, who is doing great things with local events south of Yokohama.

You can see the final product – a one page ‘case study lite’ – on my ‘writing samples‘ page.

– Mark ‘case study writer‘ McClure

PS – In case you’re wondering, ‘Beers for Books’ is not just about drinking beer. You can drink pretty much anything from soft drinks to brandy, knowing that the venue owner will contribute a percentage of the price to ‘Room to Read’. Some events also have raffles, food and contribution boxes where people can contribute without drinking anything. It’s all good.

I would also like to say that in Tokyo it’s easy to have a few beers and travel home safely on the wonderful public transport system. All B4B events encourage responsible behavior with regard to drinking and driving e.g. use public transport, take a taxi or arrange for someone to drive who is not drinking anything alcoholic.

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