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That ‘summer 2014 vacation’ just flew by and it’s good to be back in my little corner of the content marketing blogosphere.


Many of the freelance writing projects I worked on last year were connected with carrier and ISP infrastructure projects in Asia.

However, judging by enquiries received so far, 2015 is going to see a lot of marketing muscle directed at cloud computing for enterprise customers.

I’m coming across IaaS, PaaS and beefed-up security solutions as vendors in this maturing market jostle for a slice of corporate IT budgets.

No doubt some innovative content strategy decisions will be made if there aren’t yet many reference customers willing to go public with their implementations.

This might be why there’s significant interest shown in writers who can create marketing assets such as short white papers (4 pages + infographics) and blog posts aimed at enterprise IT and business line management.

And getting the right balance of cloud computing tech lingo and business rationality in content pieces that may be seen by both groups of managers is not easy. Simple to spec but hard to follow through on.

If you need this type of content I’d be pleased to take a look at your requirements.

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Author: Mark McClure – A freelance b2b case study and white paper writer to the computer networking industry. Based in Tokyo, Japan. About the ‘Samurai Writer’.

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