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For a service business, such as b2b technical copywriting, there are various ways to reach prospects and customers online.

My approach is to make this blog and its html website pages, the marketing HQ. Why? Because the content’s mine and I can control how and when it’s published.

In the social media world I’ve been experimenting with Twitter and LinkedIn, but treating FaceBook with kid gloves. What I most want with FaceBook is to clearly separate private from business information sharing.

It looked like a FaceBook fan page was the way to go, so I set one up a while back, and had these blog posts automatically published on it. There’s still more to be done and I’m planning to add some features using iFrames or FBML.

Today’s mini-step was learning that FaceBook’s ‘Fan’ Page privacy setting is 18 years and over by default. Although this is configurable on a per-country basis, the 18+ restriction means that only logged in FB users could ‘like’ (or even see) my page. That’s now fixed, as I’ve set it to 13 and up – so all you teen marketing managers can rest easy 😉

But why even bother with FB fan pages? It’s not as if I’m expecting rock star status amongst my niche market of marketing managers in the computer networking industry?

Well, on the one hand, you never know. Perhaps they are secret FaceBook groupies!

And on the other?

I get asked lots of social media questions by prospects and clients who have hired me for copywriting services but are also thinking how best to use and publish the content.

From that perspective, it makes sense for a tech copywriter to have some skin in the game.

So, go ahead.

Make my day and ‘like’ my Samurai Writer FaceBook Page.
(Oct 2011 update: My FB ‘fan page’ is taking a long vacation at present…)
(Dec 2016 update: And it’s back again! )

– Mark ‘social media marketing’ McClure

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