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Today’s my first post in the B4B category.

Eh? Wait a minute.
Isn’t this blog mostly about b2b writing?

Well, yes, it is.
But B4B’s a very special case.

I recently read John Wood’s 2006 book, “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: An Entrepreneur’s Odyssey to Educate the World’s Children“, and better understand his idea that children with educated minds are an asset to themselves, to their families, societies and to the world.

What sets John apart is that he decided to meet that huge goal of “educating the world’s children”, one book at a time.

And from that decision to do something about childhood literacy nearly 11 years ago, the embryonic non-profit, Room to Read, is now about to enter its adolescent growth stage!

A difficult time for any ‘parent’, but there are many people willing them on and helping out. One such individual is Gary Bremermann, a Tokyo-based executive recruiter.

He set up ‘Beers for Books‘ (hence ‘B4B’ in the post’s title) in Tokyo as a way for people to meet socially, enjoy a drink or two, and independently raise some money for Room to Read. The idea has caught on and now people around the world are organizing their own B4B events.

The funds raised at each event amount to about 1 book per drink, with the venue owner usually contributing 100 Yen (or about $1) from the menu price. Of course, the emphasis is on responsible drinking.

I went along to my first Tokyo B4B gathering last week at the delightfully intimate, ‘Kimono Wine Bar’. No, there were no kimonos on display but we did have an interesting mix of about 20 Japanese and ‘foreign’ supporters.



In addition to enjoying some great food, wines, specialty beers and non-alcoholic beverages in a very convivial setting, there was also a raffle and a look at some of the books previously purchased.

From a marketing and branding perspective I found it interesting that the event was titled, “Bottles for Books”.

Very appropriate.

There’s definitely lots of mileage in the letter ‘B’ – I’m sounding like Sesame Street here!

Anyway, if you’re interested to know more just click on this ‘Beers for Books‘ link.

– Mark ‘B4B Marketer’ McClure

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