About The ‘Samurai Writer’

I’m Mark McClure, a freelance white paper and case study writer, and a 20+ year IT veteran and ex-Cisco CCIE (2002-2008).

Based in Tokyo, Japan since 1994 – hence the ‘samurai writer’ business name.

When IT Marcom Managers ask me, “what value do you add as a freelance writer”, I’ve been known to say:

“I’m your Business Development Manager’s secret weapon.”

Alternatively, when feeling particularly adventurous, I might go with:

“I write words that (help) change minds.”

How To Find Mark McClure Online

Just click any of the links below to find out more.

Samurai Writer Blog
Where freelance writing meets technology marketing for the computer networking industry. I started blogging on this site in 2009 to build awareness about my freelance writing services. The link goes to the very first post. There are monthly archives on the site’s sidebar or you can use the search box.

Mark McClure on LinkedIn
I’m especially interested in making new LinkedIn business connections with people active in IT B2B Marketing Communications.

Follow Samurai Writer on Twitter
My Twitter ID’s ‘samuraiwriter99’.

Mark McClure’s Mid-Career Change and Personal Growth Blog
I’ve a strong interest in personal growth and mid-career change/coaching.
This blog charts that journey – one that is morphing into that of a writer of stories (science fiction and speculative fiction.)

I wrote and self-published a short book about the self-coached IT career change. It is based on my own experiences as a midlife career changer (from IT to freelance writing) and as a former life/career coach to other IT professionals. Visit justfiverules.com for details.

Tech Content Rocket
I blogged at Techtarget’s TechnologyMarketers.com

Samuraiwriter Services FaceBook Page
If you’re on FaceBook, please visit and the page and become a fan! I’m experimenting with using FaceBook pages as a way of keeping in touch with b2b prospects and customers. It is a bit of a slog, to be honest!

And here’s a 30 seconds introduction video on my YouTube channel. Some unexpected lighting effects in this tatami mat room gave my hair a color not see for many a year!

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